Seconds of change, 45

The red light starts

everything in complete sintony.

the car moves 3km

The red light again

a tree on the side,

then the green,

two trees

an old woman on the street

some trees

an odd couple walking

the yellow light appears

hand with hand, heart with heart

it lasts 30 seconds

an old man dying

my clock ticking

a new person breathing

the car´s  engine working

the yellow light again, 30 seconds

the air scrolling

my heart beating

clouds in the sky

enlightenment,red light 20 seconds

everything in complete alignment

metallic sounds, glass flying

the stars

nothing is in alignment anymore

the sun

everything is fast and slow

the moon

everything stops

the planets

grieving, crying

the sorrows

the sadness

the end.


By Susana Villalvazo

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