Happy Ending

Every end of life is not even expected, sometimes, to think because we don’t know what to think when an end is waiting to take us away from life, the definition will be a mystery we don’t know what is the game of life, none an instruction, no rules, just one thing that’s “our self” if we had a breakup. If we had a fight, if we are out of mood or different hazards, we suffer from life is tactful to manage, sometimes you are more about someone than on yourself. Your journey walks by you and you are the first passenger to it,

If you are mean good for life, including everything that comes under to it if a tragedy or surgery goes through to you or cause you every time say enough to that because it shouldn’t matter you ever begun is known to you.

But end not to anyone, so say “hi to your happy days” and “bye to bad memories of life”, Start your day as your end says “happy ending”…

By Chirayu 

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