Slow Burn//

You gave yourself to me as a bag of unsolved puzzle pieces when we were both eighteen.Both of our hearts still young and fleeting, the taste of the adventure on our lips every time we kissed. You had no idea what to do with your life and you wouldn’t ever admit it when somebody asked you and I told you it was okay. And it was, until I tried to piece the puzzle together. You watched me fumble around the corner pieces thinking my warmth was enough to shield us both from your coldness. You kept your lips shut claiming that you had already told me that you were trouble from the start; that it was my fault.
But I could never piece it together until I was surrounded by myriad different puzzle pieces. A hundred different puzzle pieces from a hundred different puzzles that would never ever fit together. It was then that I realized you spent your life taking pieces of other people’s puzzles to add to your collection. And no matter how hard I tried to protect mine, you found a way to escape, only leaving a random puzzle piece from your bag in your place. And, I just wish I could tell all of this to people when they ask me the story behind why this place has become so cold.

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  1. GhostlyWriter says:

    This is beautiful!!


    1. anjanakameswari says:

      Thank you so much. :’) Do follow and keep reading.

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  2. Lucarna says:

    Reblogged this on lucarna.


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