The Perception.

       !! Sitting in front of me !!

“Every frame has an unseen able or

An unseen picture”.

Every face has an uncertain mask”.

Every mask has another life of perception

Which is living within us, but not visible.


(“Perception Speaks”).

Hello can you see me?..

I’m your invisible life wearing you in a

mask of ______

which to be filled at the end of the journey?.


Talking to you

Hey, you my disguise?.


Look at left and right.

Talk to me

I can’t gaze at you anymore

Look at me,

What happened, can you hear me or feel a vibe which intend you show something Does a reflection to anyone is calling you

Maybe this is your perception

Not only the ability to see, hear but an

awareness of something that is the way to

come and goes along with me in the senses of life.
Thank you

By Chirayu

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