Originally posted in Spanish on our site Letras & Poesía

In every line he wrote something he would never achieve, just to remember he had to do it. Every word brought out of him a thorn that would never stop hurting. A mere shadow, an enigmatic illusion visited him recalling who he was, just in case he got lost in that sea of unfathomable words. And there he was, endlessly writing things that slipped from his hands, leaving them on the sheet to prevent them from loading his back when he got ready to fly.

Decisions weigh heavily and you must learn to carry them, to avoid becoming a mere carriage loaded with all the things you could have been and never actually were. Life is all about that; either you load guilt or you load the weight of a wrong decision. Both are titanic weights, but you must choose which one to load.

By Jimmy García Ferrer (Spain)

Translation: Luca Arnaldo

Read original in Spanish —> Cargas

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