Letter to parents..

Before I die I have to achieve these things in life is

         “Eyes, Ears, Mouth”

The line my ears want to hear from my parents is…

“Well done son, Well done, you made it and you made us proud we want you as a son of further and every time whenever we take a birth to life.”
My eyes want to see the happiness on their face, especially ” tears of joy and expressions of love”& a warm hug.
My mouth wants to say what I feel and what I want to say to them what I have unsaid till yet I want to express everything that’s inside me, not one time but everyday every second every time till I survive in this life.

“Love for parents and Respect for everyone is my life assay.

I don’t want to forget my parents

If the situation or condition changes

I am, I and I will be a child of love, a friend for help and a stick for life

 to make it happen as now & forever,

Parents are the best friend to best time to live with them.

(A child can be a friend forever and stick till the life)

I am proud to say ” Without parents the wheel of life is a jerk.

With them the wheel of life “ease, easy to learn and love to Earn the achievements and glory of life…

Love them and respect forever…

Thank you

From a lit son,

To my parents,

(Mom,Dad & My Big Bro)

By Chirayu 

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