Not today…


There are days when you don’t have to be so strong.

And no you don’t have to fake it either..
Just like the rest, you too can let the guard down.
You don’t have to pick those pieces.
Let them crumble.
Let them scatter.
Let them fly when they turn to ashes.
Don’t chase behind them.
Don’t tire yourself cleaning the mess around.
What you need right now is closure.
It’s okay to see it fall apart.
You have done all you could..
And there is nothing more left to do.
What you need now is some silence 
Some air ..
Let the cuts feel.
Let the wounds heal.
Give the scars time to fade.
You have done enough.
It’s okay …. … .. .
You don’t have to do what other say .
You can rest.
Be strong again tomorrow.

By Anjum Choudhary

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