Don’t let anybody tell you different .

I used to worship the way it smell.

I looked at it and wonder how it wanted me to be.

I went to an art exposition back when I was 14.

I am 17 nowadays.

“Her absence filled the world” William Kentridge

Words that got stuck to my feelings and emotions.

I somehow found a relationship between those words and someone I so wanted to meet.

Not me, I didn’t liked the phrase because of how I felt.

I liked the phrase because someone somewhere felt that way, and it represented the emptiness we all want to understand sooner or later.

The smell of an old memory, a memory I too worship.

We used to ask ourselves innocent questions we found interesting at the time.

 I found out what being a grown up felt like back when I was nine while I lived in Buenos Aires.Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 9.03.13 PM

I am 17 and I just moved to Ecuador, I can’t figure out yet why people say every change it’s for good.

I find myself in a constant craving for answers I don’t want to hear just yet.

I came to realization the moment I looked at that man staring at a wall, a writer can do almost anything they want.

It’s not as simple as to sit and watch. That was what I saw, not the image in the wall he was looking at, I saw him and the wall and the image.

The further you stand, the better you’ll see.

All the poems I used to know and the places I used adore because they where safe, all forgotten because of stupidity.

That’s why people own safe spaces.

When people actually write the book they’ve been dreaming about, they get to dedicate it to someone. Maybe that book is their life work told in 593 pages and there is a name in the first page, the author owes those words to someone.

A gift from the author to whom it may concern.

I am writing so paused and unmeaning full because of all the changes I am going though.

Because I don’t know how I am supposed to do it and I keep telling myself I am not capable of doing it.

By Ana Fuente

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  1. To want answers for what we’re not ready for is to seek reflection before experience and finding; hence a knowledge possessed but of no effect.


  2. theandreasblog says:

    This is very true.

    Liked by 1 person

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