“Insane End of Love” -Fiction Story.


In this crowdy path in between the sounds of horns and folk walks, I remembered a silence nostalgia for you . When you left me, my hands In-between at this place , I got disoriented, nothing was running in my mind later on I was completely perished from inside and my heart got numb,
 I was on an unconscious mode from mind, I was very shocked and from that side of the road an old woman traveled towards me to give the letter given by you,

 I first thought , You are playing a hide & seeks game hiding somewhere in this place,

 I have to find you,

Everything was my imagination and myth,

 You went and never came back , I haven’t opened your letter till now , Today is the day I am doing, 

 you left me in this place, on this day

 this at the same time with the same feelings and emotions I don’t know what I had done,

which mistake I did, I used to love you more than anything in life, not even my parents, just you and you , why you left me alone, Why I ? (Questioning ) Silence are sounds around me from the day to this time . You were everything to me, I loved you without hurting you and never made your smile to become sad, even my day was also starts with you and night to end. I can beg you to please come back , We can start our life again, please come back . Murmur (Again questioning ) why did you do this to me ? You won’t believe I have changed myself , but still not from you , You are living in,

 can’t you feel this , why did you go , why can’t you come back . Ha gosh .
To whom I’m saying this to this letter…..

A Tear falls,

Nose runs

Mouth screams

still awaits.

The Letter falls down (motion to an action & picked up & opened)
Dearest Love,
Time is less, life is short, no tomorrow

To Survive so bye, I have to go far from you this doesn’t want us to be one,  next time on reincarnation,

 we will be one love and soul promise me you have to move on in life don’t stay with me in the past I have no time..

 I love you. Sorry!.

Move on!. Love forever my cutie…
(Later, after reading the letter 

He couldn’t digest anything everything came out vomited, shocked and heart attack died on the spot…
The part of girl letter was, she has few times suffering from cancer last step she hides everything to him to see him happy and she died at the same time same place where today he died)
Thank you



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