I can’t help but miss all the late night conversations we’ve had. They were very less,but enough to catch my undivided attention. That is the one thing I’ll never let go, no matter how far you drift away. You were the best person to call,in the middle of the night.Those conversations would practically last forever and keep me up but we both would nearly have no idea why it wouldn’t make sense to the outside person.They were those kind of conversations where we’d jump from one topic to the other every few minutes and I never had to catch you up with anything, you’d always pay attention. You’d always listen to me rant and it was an easy going conversation. Somewhere between the first and the last topic,somewhere in the middle,one of us would suggest how speaking on phone is a lakh times easier than texting when all your thoughts are flying right through your head.We would speak to each other till  both of us would fall asleep on the phone slightly mumbling something with the line still going. And whoever would wake up first would hear the soft sounds of the other breathing while they’re still asleep.
Whoever would wake up first,would always have a good time playing around with the other in school about how they found it adorable.


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