Just a reminder

You are important .. you are worth everything .. worth every effort .. you are worth all the love .. respect .. trust .. faith .. and so much more . 

You should let people in your life only if they want you to be in theirs, walk away and don’t feel guilty at all about it if you are treated any less than what you deserve.

It takes effort to be around you.. to be with you.. always remember that. 

Don’t let anyone walk in.. if they don’t intend to give you the respect and love you deserve. Don’t chase them be it any relationship .. love, friendship .. no matter what..

You deserve as much as they do.

You are not any less of a human that they are, you feel, you get hurt, you have a heart and a soul too. Protect them, protect yourself from the vultures of this society, that feed and feast upon your energy.. upon your being.. upon you. You don’t have to to do anything that you aren’t willing to do.. that you don’t feel comfortable doing.. that you just don’t feel right doing. And no you don’t have to explain anyone the reasons or give out clarifications regarding your choices.. the choices that you make .. the choices by the end makes who you are .. you !  

Learn to say no.. and ignore if you are being judged for it.. let the fact sink in .. that this world isn’t what t seems to be.. no matter how much good we do .. no matter how much it changes .. you will never ever be able to make everyone happy.

And it’s okay.. it’s not your job. You are responsible for yourself first and then for the rest that exists out there.. or around you .. don’t neglect that. Being judged doesn’t define you.. it defines the people who are judging you .. So stay strong .. stay wild.. stay happy .. stay at peace within yourself and around you.. because that’s what matters at the end.

That’s what will keep you sane .. will keep you humane .. will keep you going .. will keep you true to yourself and this world.

Stay brave .. stay beautiful .. survive. 

By Anjum Choudhary 

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  1. Powerful thoughts presented in a powerful message well done

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  2. Mabelenpapel says:

    This is simply beautiful.

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