Mercy From God

There was a boy screaming and yelling loudly,

I went near to him to know what makes he looks ghastly,

His pain was something else looking very badly,

I couldn’t control my emotions so I started crying heartily,

then when he saw me.

His lowly voice asked me who are you and why are you crying sadly?

I said, because my heart is crying watching you very badly

Don’t feel sad for me I’m just a swinging pendulum movingly

from one place of poverty to another place of feeding (finding food)

is my present position that is hungrily

part of  poverty in the morning to necessarily

search for food at night  I’m being very mercy to life,

but life who travels from this street

made me to experienced that not  every life

will give you mercy as you own,

so crying for believing that I’m  still alive in this cruelly world.

“Happily survived, if forgiveness from god is given to me one day,  hope for the best.”  Merci.


By Chirayu 

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