Its not as dark as you think…

Not everything is rosy in life, not always ‘it’s okay’ works .. Not everytime ‘let’s move on’ have the same impact .. It’s not that easy .. Everyone is different and everything takes time .. No emotion will leave until it completes its phase, it’s time within us .. We can’t move on to next one .. We have to deal first with it entirely.. live it, breathe it, let it run wild in our veins .. and to do that we have to build it all up in and then let it all out .. sharing and letting it out is part of the process .. To be able to say what you exactly feel .. What your thoughts are .. to be able to express, to confess everything in its raw state.. genuine, so sincerely .. Because this is one thing that can’t be faked .. it can’t be manipulated ..

And let’s say if one tried .. It won’t last .. i tried .. I Just got to know better – it doesn’t work that way .. You have to fully understand an emotion and let it complete in you .. No emotion will pass without teaching you what it’s there to .. Without sorting it all out .. And once it does .. The healing begins.. That’s then the phase that you await .. The acceptance part, the moving on .. Many of us aren’t there yet .. We take time differently .. So I post every now and then for all these phases .. Because I know I am not alone and nor the ones who read my feed are .. It’s normal to feel that .. we aren’t crazy.. We all are in the journey together and we will catch up with each other soon .. Some day .. Till then .. have faith .. seek it within .. it might not seem like it ..

but trust me it’s not as dark as you think.

By Anjum Choudhary 

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