Truth And Lies.


Lying is “an addiction of human speech, it costs less but harms more, if it continues, you cannot grow up by learning the art of dreaming, that’s  “Hard work and dedication”  but you can be who you wanted in life without reaching to all these peaks.

Which it can be important to know when you dreamed of dreaming something for you, but you don’t know how to reach but you get everything, no hard work, no effort nothing anything, you don’t even think of anything just a life is full of enjoyment, no tension, no problem you are living fearlessly without knowing the fact that’s going to be a part of every lie you spoke, a single lie can damage your whole life or might be favorable to run your entire life by wearing the mask of falseness and playing a role of deception with others,

Are you, shows how do you act like in the situation that projects your deed to makes other to look at you to judge for a time, the same way when your downfall start, your lie gets no approval truth.

It can save you but can’t craft yours “Dream of life” for long period, so speak the truth and learn the art of dreaming.

(Hard work and dedication)
Thank you.


By Chirayu 

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