​All started, when I trusted to this word, whatever things are done trusted to this word, I grow up with this word and I had a friendship with this word until.  This word has come out to perform in a real way, what I was lost was because of this word, why I changed was because of this word, how I look my life is because of this word.

When everything was going well, even my stars in favour, my success is praising me         and my relationship is going in a great way,  then this word rises in my life.

“Within a mistake”

Every single precious thing are ruined from life. “Even every  single person left part and my heart broken into the pieces of hope, taken everything from me left away just a word to wait.
“Crafted self”

Suddenly a cyclone arrives to demolish the whole world and give away “to hope” to craft again. Love happened, when we parted and hope remains to join us again, don’t know when but one day everything  will be same as before..hope for the best.


By Chirayu 

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