Love by a character…

“If you want to fall in love or on a tiny heart try to embrace all the Happiness of that person that you want to be the closest person to your the life”

When I saw you the first time, my eyes couldn’t get blink cause the beauty of you made me a slave.

But when I thought about you, I find it’s better to live in a distance to watch you and care about you from everywhere you live, it has a day when I would like to express the feelings that I feel about you.

Might you will accept my proposal or reject it, it doesn’t hurt to me cause my love for you is strong and truth, which gave me a promise that where you will be my Interworld won’t die for you as well my praising voice from heart is endless to lost so this was my character of love to the most beautifully elegant and precious one who is my life for eternity.


By Chirayu 

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  1. NEHA SARAF says:

    Hey Chirayu…
    I love all ur writings and poems…keep it up and 👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much it means a lot😀👍


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