Have you ever wondered how to be happy? Guide.

A  simple guide and (trivial and superficial) paragraph on how to do the (im)possible.

  • Don’t cry. Cherish every single thing (dollar). Do not let others treat you with disrespect and if they do, act the same way. Love yourself even when you do not have the perfect body image.
  • By the way, look at the beautiful image of this model with perfect skin, and perfect physique! But don’t worry! You can get plastic surgery. Buy everything you like, even if you do not have money, you can pay later. But between us, you’ll have to pay a little more.

But that isn’t happiness. You can find it in many ways that seem not important, but trust me on this one they are!

  1. Find a white paper and draw lines in colors.
  2. Find a mountain and admire it, admire the tones, the sounds, the curves, the flora, everything. Every single detail.
  3. Travel. Go find something new even in your own town. Read a book if you don’t have the time. Words can take you far away for free.
  4. Meet people (even if you’re introvert) I know it’s hard but trust me the worst thing that can happen is rejection. (But honestly who cares). If it’s an impediment, watch people, learn from them. Admire them. Listen to what they have to say. Perhaps you learn something new or perhaps you don’t.
  5. Express yourself. Do not hesitate. Just say it. Write it, sing, dance, paint, draw, jump, scream, cry your thoughts out. Whatever it helps.
  6. Sleep. Sleep is the cure for everything. It’s a time lapse of delusions and emptiness. Rest. You deserve it. (Exams and work can be tiring) Yes! You loose time, but you disconnect your thoughts and brain for a while.
  7. Admire art. Observe the figures. Their actions. The simplicity or perhaps the difficulties of the image.
  8. Watch a movie. Transform your problems into something irrational and fictional, at least for a moment. Try jumping into conclusions. Try guessing who was the antagonist. Who  killed who. Who loved who!

Follow every step. 

Or really just do whatever you like, and whatever makes you happy. Just live. Enjoy. Don’t waste your strength on something you dislike.


By Susana Villalvazo

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