This cage was unbreakable. This one’s inescapable. No matter how hard one tries, he couldn’t let himself out.
He cried and screamed and was never heard. A smile always covered his sorrows. He was surrounded by water yet cannot quench his thirst.
His eyes watered but lips never said a word.
How could a man survive if you take away the only things he’s got. Taking away a man’s life is nothing, take away his heart? That’s everything.
A foodie who lived for food now eats only to live. Nothing treated too sweet or sour, the ice cream stayed in the freezer forever. The fight for the side of the bed ended. Their favorite dishes are no longer made.
Yet everyday, he comes back home with the bouquet of flowers she loved. He sat down to the tree she loved. He was the happiest there. He felt her warmth near her.
The tree craved her name. Showers of colorful flowers touched his face as she knew he had come home to her. He lost his wife in a car accident, and quit racing the same day.

By Aditya Upadhyay

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