Seeing them hurt, not being able to shut their voices was the worst  part. Turn off the sun and every ray of light, absorb every drop of darkness to see what may result. The result of a world without them, so that they can see every thing that depends on them, of their relationship so full of rivalry.

War is destined to be between oposites, and love for complements, both seek a place to rest, seek a fusion of something that at first sight may appear almost impossible. She rests with elegance in very leaf that moves to the rhythm of the wind, she makes their colors lighter and their details more delicate. Accompanied by the touch of him, highlights all meaning and all color giving greater clarity, thus achieving a concordance in each leafs. They seem to have veins because of her and each of them was different and separated from the other because of him.

The bricks appear to be part of a pattern with a perfect structure, still he makes them different from each other, and this is the promise that he, the darkness, did to her, the light. He promised her that he would do her rays be brighter in the days where the sun was barely seen because of the clouds, that he would make her absence more present at night when she wasn’t around. He would wear each star that will join the immense darkness and to make every thing that seem to be just one more of a ton, one of its own.

When she heard this promise she knew everything would be alright, but the world would never understand they where light and darkness, shadow and brightness. They could never complement each other because they where opposites. Nevertheless they where the light and the darkness, they needed each other to survive.

and that is how it happened, day after day during 50 full moons the shadow did every petal brighter, he made every mountain with a snow-covered peak brilliant by consuming the rocs with darkness. He did everything he promised. However, she couldn’t accept him feared by how the clouds could react.

The clouds had talked about it before, it wasn’t fate the way they saw it and they did everything to make that clear, but they realized what was happening. It was the tenth full moon, and the pleasure of a day so beautiful write off every worry because of the balance that they had accomplished. Every path glowing because of a care-less light bulb, every flame that was lighten on and every blaze that had managed to slip out of a window was perfect. The clouds couldn’t stand the idea of it, of a day where if they decided to show up the most sane thing to do would be to ignore them, it would be foolish to ignore such beauty instead.

When the 50 full moon came the promise started to reach a breaking point, it was never supposed to be this way, the result should’ve been beautiful days for an eternity. Complete balance between the light and the dark. that day the clouds brought with them a blood-rain, a rain that would show all the rage of a love that couldn’t be a part of this world, it was to much of a threat for them, they where incapable of understanding because they weren’t willing to listen.

There was nothing the love could do, things never where that way and the clouds knew their place, and since that day the cloudiest days you can hear the wind, and everything for not being able to listen, so many words that flew away and became part of the wind, thats why you can hear their love running through the leafs at night. Trying to get someone to listen.

I will forever love that sound, the sound of a heartbreak that won’t be forget.

And so we go back to where we first started. Seeing them hurt, not being able to shut their voices so much in love was the worst  part.


By Ana Fuente

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