Love at first sight.

You pick me off the corner

Where I lay

Lonely and forgotten.

You take me home

And close the door

And breathe a deep sigh of relief.

We’re finally alone

You and I.

You look at me

With love in your eyes

And caress me oh-so-lovingly.

You breathe in

My intoxicating scent.

It is disgustingly clear

That you’ve fallen.

Fallen for me

At first sight.

Because with me

You can be whoever

You want to be.

A queen,

A mother,

Or just a girl

Who found love

In a hopeless place.

You let my words

Make love to you.

You’re a junkie

And I’m your drug.

Because I make you

Forget who you are.

I fill your brain

With words

Until they all merge

To form a beautiful picture.

A picture that is my story.

I take you

To places forgotten

Where dreams become reality

And anything is possible.

You spend life

Folded between my pages.

Like I’m the very air

You want to breathe.

You’re a junkie

And I’m your drug.

Because after you read me








By Rupali Jeganathan

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