Unfinished Journeys.

She was an investment banker, who left her job to travel the world to fulfill the dreams of the man she loved.
‘In two weeks we were getting married and I undoubtedly loved him from the bottom of my heart.
I was out of the city for a business meeting, so I texted him ” I m sorry that I’m not able to give you time but I’ll be back soon and we can go out for dinner. I promise I’ll make up for this time. I love you.” He is the kind of a man whom I always wanted in my life. He made me happy again. The little things he did like the text he replied with saying ” Don’t worry about me. I’m always with you. Take your time. I’ll be waiting to for you. I love you.” He earned lesser than me but was never embarrassed about that fact. He gave me inspiration to succeed and his face lit up everytime he sees my face. What happened next changed my life.
The next day as I woke up, I had received a snap from him. It was his motorcycle and he had gone for a early morning ride. A time filter indicating 5:00 in the morning, followed with a message that said ” I’m going out for a early morning ride. I’ll call you as soon as I reach my destination. All the best for your meeting and come soon. I miss you and I love you. Take care.” I tried calling as it was already 9 and he would’ve called by now but he didn’t. I was getting late for the meeting so I left.

I started my presentation but was interrupted by the phone call of his uncle. My hands were shivering to pick up his call. A call from the uncle who didn’t have my number was calling me. That call gave me the haunted vibes that gave me chills.
I gathered all my strength and took a five minutes break to take that call. I answered the call and the next few words are still stuck in my mind.

He asked me to be to strong and take a seat first.

“He was out for a morning ride and his motorcycle crashed into another vehicle. We lost him on the spot.”

Those words were bleeding through my ears. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I fell down. Someone got me water, someone booked my flight, someone dropped me to the airport. I remember someone bought me a sandwich while I was at the airport lobby, I remember someone holding my hands and taking me to the filght. I remember someone received me at the airport.

I remember someone who took me home and placed me in front of his body, lying cold on the ground.
All I could hear, all I could see and all I could feel was his voice saying that he loves me and he is waiting for me.

He sent me a snap at 5 and he was dead by 6:30. Two years have passed since his death and I’m going to fulfill his dreams. His dream of going on a world tour with me.
She was finished her story on the stage when a reporter asked, “Do you still love him? After all this time? ”
“Always” she replied. ‘

By Aditya Upadhyay

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