To sum up

Everything has changed since the last time I knew things where going to change. I haven’t read in a long time and its absurd but I feel further from myself, as if I left everything behind because I knew I had to move on. I always knew that with change good things came along but it wasn’t the case, or maybe it was, that’s why I had to forget everything I thought belonged to me. Anyhow, maybe it didn’t changed as much as I thought it would, I couldn’t tell I guess I lost somethings and gain some others in the way.

Never  read in a hurry because you may miss the importance of the words

I fell in love with the sky, and “lost” a brother simultaneously. I’ve lived in three countries, I don’t know if its too much or too little, maybe more would’ve been better, or easier at least. That’s not the way things happen anyway, it doesn’t matter where, when or how long, each place made me fall in love.

Whatever we are I still remember the way we were.


By Ana Fuente

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