As the train moves
And I force myself to sleep
I can’t help but think,
How it would have been 
If you didn’t make me 
A victim of infidelity 
If you didn’t scar my soul 
And be thrilled about it 
If you didn’t ignore me 
And not feel a thing about it
And how it would have been
If ten years down the lane
You and I took the same route
In a train 
With bags on our backs
And maps in our hands
Pointing out places 
Where we wish to travel
And enjoyed the journey
Without the fear of reaching the destination
Hand in hand 
Sleeping on opposite berths
Embracing the little distance that’s separating us
Knowing once the night passes
We’ll hold each other 
But for now,
All I encounter is
Men snoring 
Women bickering 
And kids dreaming 
While all I do 
Is wonder how the time paused 
And look at the broken windows 
And rusted corners 
And as I peep through the window
I understand
How I let the sky of stars 
Knit together a blanket of lies 
That you used 
To hold me close 
And I let you do it
For I was naive and foolish 
Young and stupid 
But that’s how love is
Isn’t it? 
But what happened to you? 
I forcefully shut my eyes 
Telling myself 
That after all this if you couldn’t be mine 
You’d never be anyone else’s
But again,
Whom was I fooling?

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    1. anjanakameswari says:

      So sorry you’re going through that. You’re a very strong person. Goodluck. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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