The Coffee Shop.

I’m the girl in the coffee shop

Writing about you, the boy

On the other side of

The glass door.

Rihanna is crooning in my ear

About how even if she reaches all her fingers

She can feel more than distance between them.

And that’s how I feel

Looking at you

You spot me, and I quickly

Duck my head down, pretending

To doodle in my notebook.

I see you come and sit inside

Out of the corner of my eye

You think I don’t notice you

But, I watch you everyday

When you’re not looking.

It’s been days now

My book is full of poems, about

The way the sunlight glints in your hair,

Turning it brown

And, the way you drum your fingers

On the table, impatiently

As you wait for your coffee.


By Rupali Jeganathan

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