Mistakes I’ve made, thoughts that lie

So far it feels like my freedom is accurate to my age. It doesn’t matter really, how old I am or how old are you, maybe it won’t be accurate for a lot longer so giving an extend explanation of it would be useless. So far I’m still confused by the diversity of deciding and where does judgements come from because there’s so much that needs to be freedom4.jpgconsidered, not just context but ideologies and feelings. And not just feelings but thoughts and experience we’ve gained by mistake and mistakes that have though us to lie not only to others but to ourselves. And indifference has grown just around the corner and false acknowledgement has created oppression while people don’t know wether they are fighting for a world that doesn’t see the differences or one that controls each of them.

Who is brave enough to be excited about life?

Maybe I needed to hear less people cry, or cry more myself to understand the pleasures of self deception. Because freedom doesn’t start with ourselves.



You are what you are because of what other people are and want you to be, either you accept it or you don’t.



Freedom has never implied doing anything you want neither not being able to realize yourselves because of the obstacles you may face. So maybe we should all find our own freedom first, but yet again who will be responsible if you achieve it or not? I’ve been mistaken so many times on behalf of trying to help other people realize themselves and I’ve been so much trouble to others because of thoughts I had and chose to believe, maybe because I wonder so much or somehow I don’t.


There’s a thin line between a thought and a mistake, maybe I should stay inside my thoughts and be free in mind and someday achieve peace in my omission to act.




Images by Fernando Cobelo

By Ana Fuente

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