Stability Vs. Passion



And you thought

I’d never realise

The secrets you hid

The times you lied

The days you spit excuses to not meet me

The nights you let me believe you were up for me

The words you swallowed back to keep it going

The letters you backspaced so it wouldn’t cost you

The moments you started walking away from me

The ways you escaped emotional talks

The decreasing number of “I love you”’s

And “I miss you”’s

The minutes you paused before you gave a reply to my “I love you”

The instances you made me feel like I was a burden

The ways you showed me spells of your anger in ways you tore me

But you were all up for intimacy

Not the holding hands

And caressing cheeks

Or kissing on foreheads,

But your fingers on my bare chest,

Your hands on my neck,

And your nails buried in my skin.

That’s when I realized,

It was after all

The decision I made wrong

When I chose passion over stability.


By Anjana Kameswari

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