Devils in my dreams

When the day ends and night starts to fall, the sun wakes up on the other side of the world and here the stars shine. Darkness around me is broken by the faint and alternating green and red light of the only traffic light on my street that goes through the window of my bedroom, but this is not enough. When I close my eyes shadows begin to lurk my dreams and demons roam freely and torment me one more night.

Then, when there comes the time for the moon to rest and the first beams of sun shine, I try to find a way to face up these monsters that only live in my oneiric world: I design an imaginary dreamcatcher made of moonlight and stars with the hope that, once and for all, these dammed hazes that harass me while I sleep and have terrified me for years might vanish. Because for the Ojibwa, a dreamcatcher is capable of filtering dreams, letting in only the positive ones, trapping the bad dreams on its net and making them disappear with the first light of dawn.

Something has changed, things are different and darkness doesn’t seem so terrifying; now I can discern a little ray of light that wears your name and I don’t need any useless amulet to face my ghosts because already I am not alone, because now you sleep with me, surrounding me with your arms shooing my fears, as a beacon in the middle of the night that shows me the way to leave the dark behind. So, the light of my eyes exhausted, I grope among those demons that now do not seem so terrifying and I look for the palms of your hands holding on them strongly to walk together towards a new sunrise.


By Mabm

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