Don’t fall for him//(Abort Mission)

Don’t fall for him.
I repeat, do not.
When the tall guy with the irresistible voice tells you he loves you, don’t believe him. When the guy with the amber colored eyes that you fell for in the first glimpse winks at you and gives you a half smirk half smile, don’t fall head over heels for him.
When he makes sure his hands are right underneath your face when you’re sobbing till your lungs hurt and you’re sloshed on the sticky washroom floor, don’t believe he’s going to be there for you. When he becomes your best friend and you’re swaying your legs in sync, don’t tell him your deepest of secrets.
Don’t let the sky of stars knit a blanket of lies that he’ll use to hold you close.
When he holds your waist and pulls you close and breathes so heavily that you feel it on your neck sending chills down your spine, don’t get carried away with your emotions.
Don’t let the cupid fool you.
Because one day its going to be the same guy who will stick his knife to your back and not feel guilty about it and two weeks later when you hear about how he moves his hand across some new girl’s bare chest all you’ll do is slit yourself with the same knife.


By Anjana Kameswari

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