Love is a long way

Sometimes I think that I’m like a doll in your arms and that you look at me only as a baby. Although I know you feel something too, but you’re afraid. But I’m convinced that fearful love isn’t enough reason to say goodbye because if you really loved me, you would try it and I’m sure you would love me.

Every night, when I close my eyes I make an almost unconscious wish to the wind coming in through my window, then I dream that you are with me. But when I open my eyes again I realize it isn’t true, you aren’t laying close to me.

A lot of times I wonder why we said goodbye but I don’t find an answer to my question. And I know that I didn’t make any mistake but it’s too late to continue trying it, because I’m tired of believing in this daydream. If you had really loved me, you would had came to me.

Tonight I’ll dream with you again and cry when stars remind me your eyes because I‘m sure your eyes are crying too.

Because I finally understood that love is a long way…


By Mabm

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