Save me? Please? 

He stood at the rooftop, while tears rolled down him eyes. He smiled before he joined his hands to thank god for being there for him when no one was. Standing on the edge he thought of the failure he has been for his entire life.

Closed his eyes to apologize to the people he disappointed. Chuckled once as he thought of his brother and the nights of fun. Cried hard because he’ll now hurt his mom. He was prepared, everything was finally happening like he planned. All the steps now actually matter. Wind blow over his shoulders and he spread his hands to feel it closer.

He was flying. He was free. Free from the thoughts of society.

He was ready at the runway, to fly to the place he thought he belonged. He took a step forward, but someone grabbed his hands and restricted his flight.
Wake up. It’s 8 AM. You’ve college to go. You’ll fail again if you don’t study now.
Day 768. I survived the jump again.

Save me. Please.


By Aditya Upadhyay

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