Inside of you

I was so inside of you

that I know your heartbeat,

I know how you are inside,

and I still can’t understand

how hour heart fits in your breast.

I was inside of you,

while you were giving me life

even before it had started.

I was so inside of you

that I learned by heart

the universe of caresses you gave me.

I understood what happiness meant,

even before I had breathed.

You taught me how to deliver truth,

presenting me your future.

We grew up at the same time,

with my feet leaving print,

with your soul going round.

You were my first hug,

my solace in my first cry,

my purest protection with your hands.

Today I want to thank you,

thank you for so much.


By: Raúl Zambrano (España)

Author of Letras & Poesía

Translated from Dentro de ti by Luca Arnaldo

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