Bruised Melodies.

My broken pieces dance  to the rhythm of your bruised melodies.   By Rupali Jeganathan Read more texts by this author Image credits: Google. Follow me on Instagram and Medium.

First time

I remember the first time we met you promised you won’t let go  you said some people are like flowers: they grow up with the marrow of your bones, light up the darkest parts of your heart and leaves traces within your soul. But the you left me with broken bones, a heart stabbed with…


You took pieces of me with you when you walked out the door on that cold December night. Now I’m an unfinished jigsaw puzzle, with pieces missing here and there. Since then I’ve been searching For all my missing pieces, in all the wrong places. I’ve crossed oceans, and travelled across continents trying to fill…

Ten reasons for remaining a child

“Praise to the soul’s immortality” 1. I am like a child, I don’t believe in tomorrow, that’s why I don’t fall asleep early. I need the police to avoid erring and a priest to confess. 2. I am like a child, when you don’t see me I behave like I am. And if you don’t…


His eyes always told me a different story than what his lips narrated//   By Anjana Kameswari Read more texts by this author