Happy Gandhi Jayanti..


What is 2nd October?
“Mahatma Gandhi Birthday”

Dear Bapu,
Hello, My name is Chirayu. You haven’t heard my name, but I do, not only me but every Indian does. So today I’m writing to you this letter for two purposes: first to wish you in my way and second to gift you something special that you always wanted from everyone.

So Bapu, Namaste (From Heart). Today is your birthday which is known to us as a “Gandhi Jayanti” Today you are turning to 148th Years. The story of your life from your birth, 2 October 1869, Porbandar, continued till today and it will be forever. (In my belief, in my faith, in my mind, and in my heart you are always alive)

I call you and recalls your principle towards wrong acts or things, like whenever I
see that something wrong is happening in front of my eyes I just go to tell them that what you are doing now is what you are proving to be in your life.

I have no fear of anyone, because I know, I am right and no right has been proved wrong at any time, so being me and true towards life.

I Praise you when a life is moving in a right way by making self-believe that choosing the path of truth is standing on a self-sustained, true alone wins against every false.

I love you for giving us the freedom of life, you made us free and gave us the life of Independent. It is easy to say but hard to believe that we got independent, but still some of us are fighting for freedom.

I know why it is, few lives have lost the hope in Humanity because of the mentality of those humans who are being a cowardice in our society, they are trying to hold others freedom in an action to hurt by being violent and giving them the pain and never living free to fly, especially the woman.

It is a big problem of our country, if our women are not saved then how about you (everyone), & me?(I). This is the thing we all must have to see and to work on to prove one day that the hope of humanity is alive, also to make the mission of making a country beautiful and better in day to day life.
So Today is Bapu’s Birthday and every year I write a letter by sharing my feeling with him and also saying the things that I did as good deeds in the year. So today I’m saying to you that by next time I, myself, a man, an equality and respectful person wants to say “By my pen, by my paper, by my words, by my thoughts, by my actions I will change the world and only the thing I am going to change until next time is others mentality or thinking towards women.”

What I say is what I do so Bapu, you were alone on your first step but the vision you had in the vision what I have now and I will shake the world by being gentle.

And by living in the three most importantly strong and powerful words that showed a new me in a way to the place where I have two choices: First is to lie for the reason or speak up the truth because the truth never lies. Secondly, the truth is that power who fights alone in the crowdy world against crowded people’s, one day you never know how the fact come in front of you then you won’t have any choice to hide it.
“Lie” saves you sometimes, but you become “Liar” from the lie to stay in your comfort zone where everything should ingrain by the power of truth not the role of the face by real to fake or fake for real.

Someday somewhere there will be a second chance to play the same role when
you are in a fault try to face what comes in front of you because situations are a
very simplest way to tackle else it will be very serious to face or to come out of it.
so be a true (truth) person to yourself.

Face the problem as you face every day in the mirror and be a triumph of your own life.

Because “Satyamevjayeta”.
Happy Birthday to The father of Nation,
Happy birthday to my idol
Happy birthday to Gandhiji.

Our strive can make the county better and Beautiful.
Please support our PM campaign of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, it is a campaign by the Government of India to keep the streets, roads, and infrastructure of the country’s statutory cities and towns and its rural areas clean.
Cleanliness is one, the bright face of our present and future country, so it’s everyone responsibility to make a country to look magical.

He is within me and he is alive,
His principles and taught are never going to be fade away.
So taking mission of  1- 1 – 1:
Every day one good thing to do
Every day one helpful thing to do, and
Every day one good thing to learn from others.
Ty, Chirayu!.



By Chirayu Sharma

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