2am again

Night has fallen

Covering everything in dark

My heart is covered in dread

Should be anytime now

This is the time

When my demons come to visit

They crawl out of the corners

Where they hide all day long

Waiting for night to fall

They crawl unbidden

Into my mind

And whisper ugly thoughts

Making me want to scream

My mind isn’t brave enough

To fight them away

Believe me, I’ve tried

But, tonight

I needn’t have worried

Because, tonight

Her happiness pulled out a chair

Took out a guitar

Strummed a lovely long

And, chased

All my demons away.

-Rupali Jeganathan

Image credits: (CCO)
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  1. A writer is the one who loves the word. A writer is the one, who goes to bed with a story and gets up with his fingers, beating him for telling it. A writer is the one who delights by the word, the one who tastes it like the good wine, the one who knows its value. The one that modulates the idea, little by little, to create a world in which his thoughts will inhabit. A writer is the one who laughs and cries with his own letters, the one who caresses them with the mind, the one who carries them in the spirit. A writer, in short, is passionate about creation. Bravo for your writings.

    I invite you to read my most recent entry.

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    1. Thank you. This was beautiful.

      I most certainly will. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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