Scripturient : A consuming passion to write

It starts off as a little thought
A little thought, taking root in my mind
It grows, and grows
Until I can’t ignore it anymore
It consumes me
Fighting with all the other thoughts in my head
All the other utterly useless thoughts
Until it’s the only thing I can think of
The little thought grows to become a word
And then it grows a little more
Until the words start flowing, becoming jumbled sentences
Sentences that start tumbling over one another
Fighting to be first in line
Sentences that overlap, begging to be put on paper
Now now now, they scream inside my head
Do it NOW! Do it NOW!
Till I feel like I’m drowning beneath the sentences
Till my mind becomes a whirlpool of sentences swirling around
And before I get sucked into them
I pluck them out of my head, one by one
And put them on paper, right where they belong
And I write and write
Till I feel my head go lighter
I write and write
To satisfy this all-consuming passion
I write and write
Not caring if I’m hungry, or sleepy, or sad
Because when I write, the world around me
Ceases to exist
The pen and paper, along with my thoughts
Becomes my whole world
I write and write
Till I can write no more
And then I write a little more.

-Rupali Jeganathan

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