Turn to page 394.

He walked down the hall hoping it was wrong.

It was all a lie. Curtains being torn in holes, but the plates were fresh, the smell of the supper still trapped in the house as he walked up the stairs.

Still afraid, he opens the first door.

He stood their like a statue and his shivering legs couldn’t stand his weight, seeing his friend lying on the floor. Succumbed himself.

They were only 21. Couldn’t realize that it was something that was beyond his control.

He crawled up and seached again as he heard a voice. A voice that came from next door. He hurried, gathered himself and opened the door hoping and praying that it was not what everyone said it was.

What he saw next took a part of him. He saw those eyes, still shinning bright as a star. Tears rolled down his eyes as he collapsed. Crawled towards her and held her close in her arms, weeped like a baby, and sat there for hours. All he could do was look at that face and cry.

He lost a friend that day, a companion, a partner, a lover. Everything was taken away from his that day but there was only the boy who lived. The boy whom he protected. The boy he loved.

His Petronas was a doe.

Same as Lilly, and he loved her. Till the end.


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  1. Amazingly written😍😍


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