If only we understood more//

If only we understood more.

If only we started understanding people the way we want to be understood. We tend to judge people and give them tags based on an event, an act or the circumstances without really trying to figure out if there’s more to the story.

The girl who speaks a lot probably chose to hide her scars and laugh around than word out her problems. The silent girl at the last bench probably writes better than the rest of the class and out of your level of comprehension. The teacher who yelled at you for no reason today probably had a long day. The old lady who was visually handicapped you refused to help cross the road probably donated her eyes to one of your uncles. The aunt who wears a lot of make up and drowns herself in layers of foundation and concealer is just using it as a shield to hide the hand prints of her husband who abuses her. Your friend who says she’s happily married is probably a victim of marital rape. Your neighbor who comes home late at night with drunk breathe and shabby clothes might not like the toxic environment her college has. Your sister who is everybody’s favourite was probably forced to kiss one of your cousin and hasn’t been able to get out of it. The social butterfly with too many likes on his pictures might have no body to talk to and is lonelier than you think. The girl with the Harry Potter glasses who never looks out of the huge novel probably had a heart-break. The girl who is trying to doll up is getting her self-esteem up for all you know, might have been a victim of infidelity. Your mother might not go to sleep without sipping her favourite brand of whiskey because no sleeping pills are working. Your grandmother who wants to go shopping once every two days probably needs a getaway and is unable to say it out. The couple you admire in college probably aren’t in love and are together for the sake of it. The one you want to spend the rest of your life with probably does not believe in the idea of love. The one you never noticed at the corner table of your favourite cafe is probably sipping the beverage you order the most only because you like it. The woman behind you in the airport probably rushed ahead and gave rude replies straight up might have lost her father and needed to rush somewhere. The twins you tagged as weird might be the most intriguing people you would’ve ever come across, had you ever made conversation. The girl with the mini skirt and off shoulder top you felt was welcoming you for making out probably just likes to wear the clothes she’s comfortable in without being judged. The bachelorette who stays on the top most floor of your building has more guys coming home than girls because she’s probably helping them get out of addiction. The prostitute you looked down at had chosen that profession because men at her house failed to earn income and she chose to step up and do something and earn because her father didn’t believe in educating girls. Your girlfriend whom you show out spells of your anger and treat her like she’s inferior is probably taking all that because she loves you and hope you’ll change.

Life will cage you everyday, but when it does, don’t forget that you’re not the only one.images

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