Anjana Kameswari (India)

Hailing from the Southern part of India, she comes from an orthodox family where they have a given preference to traditions and values. She is 17, a voracious reader and a confident public speaker. From “Friends” to “Suits”, she enjoys watching all the TV shows. Anjana is a crazy fan girl and once she adores something, she doesn’t tend to leave it. She is the words she writes, the strokes she paints, the phrases she orates. Anjana is a very inquisitive person and always seem to connect dots. She’s currently pursuing Law.

She finds happiness in little things; in others happiness. She can go to any extent if she sees something offending females. “Arguing with me is the last thing one would want to do”, she says. This girl runs behind squirrels, kiss horses and plays with puppies. Often referred to as the “damsel in the distress”, she is more than what people see in her. Anjana believes in seeing good in others and deny the fact that there exists any sort of bad in others. She is an outgoing, bubbly kid. She started writing as recreation and now there does not pass by a day that she doesn’t pen down what she feels. To her readers she says “I hope you enjoy my writings, and even relate”.

  • Literary style: Poetry, Thoughts, Erotic, Stories and Tales, Soul pieces, Love and deep feelings. (A little bit of everything)
  • Read new texts: On Sundays every two weeks.
  • In this community since: The beggining of everything
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