Anjum Choudhary (United Arab Emirates)

A hopeful romantic, sapiosexual and a selenophile are some of the words that she describes herself with when she isn’t calling herself a writer or poetess. Anjum started her writing journey long back, if you ask her she’d tell you how she was writing even before she was born, sounds strange but thats what she says as she doesn’t really remember her life without these words. Words define her existence,her being, they are who she is. She started sharing her work on Instagram as a vent to her emotions. Whenever in pain she’d write as she had no idea how to deal with it because the only way she knew was through bleeding words. When hurt she’d always write but also selfishly kept it to herself, she believed that these weren’t poems that she as penning down. That those were the feelings and emotions.. until 2014 when she lost both her grandparents who meant more than the world to her.. She was was hurt like never before, this was bigger than teen heartbreak, bigger than losing a best friend, bigger than just failing and falling the many phases of life, much bigger than the first love loss.. This was it…a tough time filled with remorse, regrets, pain and immense grief. And once again writing was the refuge but this time she started sharing her words under pseudonym “Findinglostsouls” on Instagram. She’d share what she was going through via the only way she knew.. WORDS. This journey that started long back finally had a platform. The more she wrote the more people connected with her words. She’d get private messages telling her how her words touched them and how her words gave voices to their feelings and emotions. Soon she realized that this was her therapy. Knowing she wasn’t alone and that there were many out there going through the same or even worse gave her the hope she was looking for, that it gets better, that time heals.. maybe not all of the wounds and not completely but just that with time you get stronger and deal better. 

Slowly she started writing for souls that needed her, finding solace and comfort in it she continued. She claims to be partially made of PixieDust so i believe there is some magic involved in her words, for one just does not simply attract so much of love and win over more than 70,000 hearts out there.

Now holding account on Instagram as well as major social media platforms like twitter, tumblr and Facebook to share her words with billions of people around the world she continues to deliver her best saying “i will write until there is even one soul reading my words” 

Some say she heals and she says she is self healing in the process. Whichever the case may be i can’t deny that Anjum Choudhary’s work is unique in its own way and very much heartbreakingly beautiful .

Currently working on her second book after the successful launch of her first one she takes time off her day job to stay active on her social media as well keeping her audience happy by posting for them , commenting and interacting with them and replying to tonns of fan-mails and messages as well.

When asked what she wants to do next, she simply smiles and says “well maybe quit my day job and take writing as full-time”

  • Literary style: Poetry
  • Read new texts: Every Sundays.
  • In this community since: The beginning of everything
  • Social Media

Tumblr : AnjumChoudhary

Instagram : @findinglostsouls

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