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He walked down the hall hoping it was wrong. It was all a lie. Curtains being torn in holes, but the plates were fresh, the smell of the supper still trapped in the house as he walked up the stairs. Still afraid, he opens the first door. He stood their like a statue and his…


What is there in her that she makes you forget all the pain? What makes her so special? What does she do that helps you grow? Why does her name bring you all the happiness? Are you sure she’s your best friend? Are you sure you’re not in love with her? He stood there silently. He…

I know ..

find the light
in all that darkness
in all that pain 


It was a chaos. The one that can’t be controlled or altered. Cannot be channeled in the right direction. It is how it is. I woke up in the morning drenched in my own sweat. Panting as I ran from my own demons. The ray of light gave me a sigh of relief. Walking down that…