The walls around me.

I built walls so high, No one could climb it. Waiting for someone, Who cared enough to try. A few tried, But gave up after a while. Guess they were too tired, To climb so high. And then you came along, With a smile and a song. Singing about how, You wanted to break my…

Love at first sight.

You pick me off the corner Where I lay Lonely and forgotten. You take me home And close the door And breathe a deep sigh of relief. We’re finally alone You and I. You look at me With love in your eyes And caress me oh-so-lovingly. You breathe in My intoxicating scent. It is disgustingly…


Happiness  escapes from your mouth and paints itself across your lips in the form  of a smile.   By Rupali Jeganathan Read more texts by this author Follow on Instagram. Image credit: Spark Artwork

The Healing.

When the wolves have stopped howling and the world inside me is quiet, I can hear the silent rhythm of my heart healing.   By Rupali Jeganathan | The Girl Lost In The Bookstore Read more texts by this author Follow on Instagram. Image credit: _drasan_

Broken glass.

You’re broken glass, and I’ve got Shards of you, stuck to my skin They pierce me, with every breath I take Making me bleed, until I’m covered in blood But don’t they know, that I’m a masochist? Who craves the pain, that comes from loving you? I’ve got my lungs full of you Making it…

2 a.m.

There’s something About The dark hours Of 2 a.m. That switches on The lanterns Along your spine And lets you see, Clearly, The words Gushing mutely Through your bones By Rupali Jeganathan read more texts by this author