I Thought we would meet again. My instinct said that we will meet again. My heart said that we will meet again. The after a long time we met, but in that place where once we decided to go together.   By Chirayu Sharma Read more texts by this author

“World (We) Against Terrorism”.

“World (We) Against Terrorism”. Human needs love, peace, and freedom. But terrorism is opposite to it, because they are not human they are the real losers of life, they don’t know what they are doing. But we, every human is “One” against anything wrong. We, the Human, have love between each other after war, A peace…

Who you are?.

  Who are you Who am I Who are the rest of the world Who knows I, you and everyone are just a different characters that has its own role to perform In everyone’s life.     By Chirayu Sharma Read more texts by this author

A New Me

  “A New Me.” (within few hours). Hint: You know me ? This question to everyone to every writer?. Puzzle: A new day of a new year for a new time for all new Life’s mission begins from date When life was born once. Let’s see who finds it first.   By Chirayu Sharma Read more…