Healing.. a process

I know these sudden urges, where we lose control.. At times we give into them and fail to fight back. On other occasions, we beat it proud and good And in both cases it’s okay..  Don’t kill yourself over the choices you had already made. Not always we are right, not every time we are…

I know ..

find the light
in all that darkness
in all that pain 

About you..

It was never about the moment. It was always about the ones after that. The feeling when we’d end our day and go our separate ways. The way i missed you with every step, when barely you even turned around. The way your touch still lingered on me., the way i smelled of your cologne….

Angel in Heaven. (Fiction tale)

  After searching her, He couldn’t find his love on the earth And later his time got over in life, He died and while he reached to the heaven, He got a love as a beautiful angel Or He found a love in the form of a beautiful angel.   By Chirayu Sharma Read more texts…