Healing.. a process

I know these sudden urges, where we lose control.. At times we give into them and fail to fight back. On other occasions, we beat it proud and good And in both cases it’s okay..  Don’t kill yourself over the choices you had already made. Not always we are right, not every time we are…


I’ve burned down stars And crossed entire oceans With homesickness Being the only Feeling I’ve ever known. My bones ache To belong But I wonder How can I Feel hiraeth When no place has Ever quite Felt like home? -Rupali Jeganathan Follow me on my personal blog at Literature Is My Porn.

Lone Wolf.

  Underneath the starry sky A lone wolf Howls at the full moon Its cries, hauntingly familiar And, oh-so-heartbreaking. * From behind a tree Another wolf watches The lone wolf howling With melancholic eyes For, it knows the pain Of yearning for a love It can never touch. -Rupali Jeganathan Image Credits: CCO. P.S. Inspired…

Bruised Melodies.

My broken pieces dance  to the rhythm of your bruised melodies.   By Rupali Jeganathan Read more texts by this author Image credits: Google. Follow me on Instagram and Medium.


You took pieces of me with you when you walked out the door on that cold December night. Now I’m an unfinished jigsaw puzzle, with pieces missing here and there. Since then I’ve been searching For all my missing pieces, in all the wrong places. I’ve crossed oceans, and travelled across continents trying to fill…


What is there in her that she makes you forget all the pain? What makes her so special? What does she do that helps you grow? Why does her name bring you all the happiness? Are you sure she’s your best friend? Are you sure you’re not in love with her? He stood there silently. He…

I know ..

find the light
in all that darkness
in all that pain 

I just wish//

When my pale skin touched yours, and the heat of my body was enough to shield us both from your coldness, I wish you found it soothing like I did. When your dark brown eyes looked at mine, I wish you didn’t look away before I did. When I hugged you, I wish you wrapped…

Don’t fall for him//(Abort Mission)

Don’t fall for him. I repeat, do not. When the tall guy with the irresistible voice tells you he loves you, don’t believe him. When the guy with the amber colored eyes that you fell for in the first glimpse winks at you and gives you a half smirk half smile, don’t fall head over…