Scripturient : A consuming passion to write It starts off as a little thought A little thought, taking root in my mind It grows, and grows Until I can’t ignore it anymore It consumes me Fighting with all the other thoughts in my head All the other utterly useless thoughts Until it’s the only thing…


You took pieces of me with you when you walked out the door on that cold December night. Now I’m an unfinished jigsaw puzzle, with pieces missing here and there. Since then I’ve been searching For all my missing pieces, in all the wrong places. I’ve crossed oceans, and travelled across continents trying to fill…

I know ..

find the light
in all that darkness
in all that pain 


If  i could be anything other than me, I’d be your heartbeat..   By Anjum Choudhary Read more texts by this author

Not today…

There are days when you don’t have to be so strong.
And no you don’t have to fake it either..
Just like the rest, you too can let the guard down…


Primitive instinct makes you eat up every word, a new world is thrown. Haiku in memory of the Cannibalist Manifesto, by Brazilian poet Oswald de Andrade (1928) Painting: Abaporu, by Brazilian female painter Tarsila do Amaral (1928) By Luca Arnaldo Read more texts by this author